Deccan College ​

Mettle Innovations

Deccan College Post Graduate & Research Institute (Deemed University), Pune, the 3rd oldest educational institute of India is celebrating its bicentenary in 2020-2021. The Deccan College has been in existence since 1821 and has built a glorious past with extensive excavations and explorations of archaeological sites, scientific study of Indian languages and dialects, and undertaking of the ambitious Sanskrit Dictionary Project based on historical principles. This illustrious heritage of two hundred years of the University is inspiring us to boost future research activities.

Mettle Innovations, Pune is a proprietary company established in 2006. The company nurtures resources to support innovative, novel and utility-based enterprises in digital media marketing and multimedia. At Mettle Innovations, we believe in developing bridges towards creating collaboration opportunities for institutions and stakeholders. We aspire to create inclusive knowledge ecosystem.

As part of commemorating the bicentennial year of Deccan College, we have decided to organize an online workshop series in the disciplines of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Linguistics, and Sanskrit.